About Wallure

Master carpenter Sándor Mádi and his son Bálint Mádi
Master carpenter Sándor Mádi and his son Bálint Mádi

We are Sándor Mádi and Bálint Mádi, joiners, creators of Wallure wood panels. Our family business has twenty-five years professional career. We have gained a wealth of experience both domestically and abroad.

Combining these, we have succeeded in creating this premium, unique product line which is:

- manufactured entirely by manufactory,

- suitable for covering any interior,

- also meets individual needs,

- made from several types of wood raw materials,

- extremely durable.

This high-quality and sophisticated craftsmanship wallcovering can make your home or any interior property more colorful.

Its outstanding quality and uniqueness are immediately visible to anyone and its durability is extremely long.

We are passionate about working with wood and we see the key to our success in high quality, so it is important to us that our customers are as satisfied as possible with our products.

Our family business has been constantly improving its wood panels, and we have also expanded our selection as a result of user feedback.

Because we are open to new things, we welcome all ideas and implement them in the best quality.

This product family is a perfect illustration of the value of human imagination and ambition. In addition to our ever-expanding selection, we are also open to new things.

We can confidently accept all ideas and ideas and implement them in the best quality to the best of our knowledge, thus proving the excellence of our products.

Learn more about Wallure wall decoration panels

- Real wood (oak / walnut) wall covering

- An excellent decorative solution for both modern and classic interiors

- Unique wood grain, special drawings

- Natural or lacquered finish, which can harmonize well with other wood or wood imitation (laminated) coverings, furniture

- Various usage (houses / flats, offices, restaurants, confectioneries, nightclubs, hotels, beauty salons, etc.)

Features, benefits

- Packaging: in a 1 m 2 unit containing 20 panels (55 cm x 9.2 cm / panel)

- Each panel is based on a 5 mm polystyrene sheet, on which are glued wooden logs with split or planed surfaces, which are 2.3 cm or 4.6 cm wide and vary in length.

- Easy installation with polystyrene adhesive

- Both horizontal and vertical applications are possible

- Excellent thermal and sound insulation effect

- 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Wallure wood wall panels are wall coverings made of real wood. Modern and classical interiors are also suitable as decorative wall coverings, which can be used to create special and unique wall surfaces.

The uniqueness of the woodwork is the special designs of natur, or lacquered surfaces, making every wall friendly and intimate.

The naturalness of wood brings nature into our home! Oak / walnut / swamp oak or teak color can be well matched with other wood or wood (laminate) coverings.

During renovation or construction, it is worthwhile to think about wood wall panels, because wood is a durable and "eternal" cover. Interior designers also prefer to use their work because exciting wall surfaces and decorative solutions can be created.

Everybody is fascinated by the natural drawing of the tree and its atmosphere, therefore the wood base is more and more popular because of its purely decorative nature. After the cabinets, shelves, kitchen utensils, home accessories, we can finally get wood coverings!

Wallure is a new brand name that covers a real wooden hand-assembled wooden wall panel family. If you like natural materials, you want a warm home, look at the Wallure wood panels!

Wooden wall panels can be purchased in 1 m2 unit, which includes 20 panels. Each panel is based on a 6 mm polystyrene sheet, which is glued to the wooden slats of the split or planed surface.

The small pieces of wood on the panel are 2.3 cm wide and vary in length. Wall panels are installed side by side to create a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

How can we bring in nature to our home? Wooden wall panels are made of real oak / walnut wood, which can create a unique atmosphere not only in family houses but also in offices, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, hotels, hairdressing salons and cosmetics, beauty salons.

The natural wooden casing can break unanimous wall surfaces while also taking advantage of the heat and sound insulation of wood wall panels.

It is recommended to use a polystyrene adhesive to glue the Wallure split panel. Elemental wood wall coverings can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with both stacking modes for a spectacular effect!

Nowadays, besides traditional wallcoverings and wall panels, more and more new types of wall decorations appear on the market, so we can welcome wooden wall panels as the next member in the stone and stone imitations, dies, 3D bio wall panels and leather panels.

Interior decorators and interior designers are well aware that natural materials that carry different textures will always be popular in interior design.

The Wallure wood panel features a distinctive appearance that can create new wall coverings that we can boldly show to our customers, business partners!

Wallure wood wall panels can be an attractive spot for indoor areas, as they can be used on smaller or larger wall surfaces. 

Wooden panels also have sound and thermal insulation properties to complement the decorative function.

It can also be used as a decoration for flats, living rooms, corridors, bedrooms, offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, community buildings, commercial institutions.

The wooden panels also fit the Scandinavian and rustic interior styles, but the wood is naturally well-lit thanks to its natural vitality.

Wallure wood wall decoration is a unique product consisting of 55 cm x 9.3 cm panels. The panels are based on a 6 mm polystyrene sheet, with 23 mm of variable length wooden pieces glued to it.


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